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Participating Artists

Artist Open Studios features thirteen wonderful artists in the Northern RI area.
Each is looking forward to sharing their craft with you.

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Our Featured Artists for 2018 are:
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Ed Andrews
14 Eddy Road
Chepachet, RI 02814

Metal Sculptures

Ed Andrews has been creating sculptures for the past 35 years and teaches art at Northeastern University in Boston. Ed has explored many different materials and processes and he is currently using 3D software to aid in designing much of his new work. At his studio near Chepachet, he uses computer controlled tools to cut and engrave the various shapes and parts that he then assembles into totemic forms.  Ed's current work is inspired by the local plants and native wildlife of Rhode Island and the surrounding farmland where he now lives and works. Ed uses industrial tools and materials to create durable organic forms and objects.

James Watts Cooke
62 Long Entry Road
Chepachet, RI 02814


After 40 years running an excavating business, James Cooke began night courses in art.  At age 54, he was awarded full scholarship to Rhode Island School of Design, and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting, with a concentration in English. James has travelled several times to study in Florence, Italy, and try to harken the renaissance painting techniques in his modern style.

He sees a correlation between painterly expression and moving earth with heavy equipment.  His topics are romantic, and satirical, and often explore conflict and power. And, as he has been dancing for many years, his work strives for movement, balance and delight.

Now at 63, James Cooke's rural life is imbued with artistic expression. His work contains both the hope of childhood and the skepticism of the old man, and is intended to celebrate the strength we can find within ourselves at any age.

Neal Drobnis
102 Pole Bridge Road
North Scituate, RI 02857

Cast and blown glass sculptures and wall pieces

Neal is drawn to the glass medium because the fluidity makes it an expressionist art form, transparency brings the colors to life, and the contrasts between textures enhances the perception of rough and smooth surfaces. These are the qualities he feels within his being and the artistic process is the way to share his appreciation of the human drama of this our short time on earth. Neal received his MFA from Rhode Island School of Design and a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art. His work is present in numerous public and private collections and is shown in galleries worldwide.

John Femino, MD
21A Plainfield Pike
Foster, RI 02825

Fine art nature and abstract photography

John Femino attended the undergraduate photography program at RISD, while he was an exchange student at Brown pursuing his medical degree. Highly influenced by his mentor, world re-knowned photographer Harry Callahan, he continued working in fine art landscape and abstract photography, mastering the technical aspects of black and white and color developing and printing. He works in multiple analog and digital formats, printing onto archival pigment based fine art papers and canvas and displays in wooden frames made in his shop. His subject matter is local to RI, often involving images from the farm and of his horses and beaver dams. He produces a yearly calendar of photos documenting the visual variety of Foster as well as printing mural sized panoramas.  Currently, he is working on a series of local landscapes utilizing perspective distortion inherent in manually processed multiple image panoramas.

John is a member of Providence Center for Photographic Arts, and has had numerous group and individual shows, with a permanent collection at Meadows Edge Recovery Center. His workspaces are in his historic restored barn and farmhouse, and include a framing workshop and photo studio overlooking his horse pastures.

Tom Grabbert
380 Seven Mile Road
Hope (Scituate), RI 02831

Functional, decorative, high fire porcelain

Tom Grabbert is a ceramic artist who creates elegant porcelain tableware and decorative items in a studio overlooking beautiful farmland in Hope, a village in Scituate, RI. He began working with clay at the age of 15. For the past 30 years, Tom has developed a unique palette of natural, rich-toned glazes that complement the forms of his work -- a complete line of tableware, vases, and other vessels -- and suggest both movement and tranquility. Tom studied at Rhode Island School of Design. Locally he exhibits at the popular RISD alumni sales, and his studio in Hope, RI.

Tacey Luongo
62 Long Entry Road
Chepachet, RI 02814

Beaded jewelry artist

Jewelry Artisan Tacey Luongo started Tacey Designs in 2001, in order to perpetuate her love of beading. Originally from Miami, graduating from Syracuse University School of Architecture, and traveling the world, Tacey maintains a design studio in Chepachet and a website

Each necklace, bracelet and earring is one-of-a-kind, designed and hand fabricated by Tacey, with an exquisite sense of architecture, color and texture. The collectible works are designed for flattery and enhancement of the person, and take on an iconic quality. The beads come from around the world, and continue an ageless fascination with adornment. The styles fuse the deep history of beads with the sensibility of today by using semi-precious stones, wood, metal, glass, crystals and leather.

Betsey MacDonald
471 Field Hill Rd
Clayville, RI 02815

Paintings, drawings and prints of animals and nature.

I am an artist who loves animals. I have a BFA and an MFA in Studio Art. I also completed a pre-med program so I bring a love of science and a knowledge of anatomy to my art. I taught high school Chemistry and Biology for 25 years and Art for 10 years. My students were and still are a constant inspiration. I have had many solo shows of my work and I often take part in group exhibitions.

Denise Melucci
123 Johnson Road
Foster, RI 02825

Nature based art in a variety of media

Denise Melucci, is a native to Rhode Island and has been creating art for over 30 years.  Her work has decorated the walls of many prominent buildings in New England.  Denise's best known work is a portrait of the late Senator John H. Chafee, which hangs inside the John H. Chafee Transportation Maintenance and Operations Center in Providence.

Along with creating art, the welfare of animals has always been a large part of Denise's life. In her latest work, she combined her two passions to create a very colorful and informative exhibit titled, "The Blue Series, A Day in the Life of an Endangered Whale," where people learn about the struggles whales are faced with today, such as hunting, entanglements, ship strikes and noise pollution.

Denise Melucci spends most of her time at home in her studio, on her family's working farm.

Valery Nardacci
228 Ide Road
North Scituate, RI 02857

Impressionistic still-life paintings of observed nature objects

Valery Nardacci grew up in Scituate and continues to draw inspiration from her rural upbringing. After completing her Bachelors in Art Education and beginning her teaching career, Valery studied the figure to earn her MFA at UMass Dartmouth. Along with oil painting, she explores gouache painting, gesture drawing, and printmaking. Valery is currently focused on still-life paintings of natural objects, many of which are gathered from her own gardens. She approaches painting openly, with a goal of capturing the essence of what is observed. Through this fluid process, the contrast and nuances of inventive color schemes emerge as Valery balances representation with abstract impressionistic qualities.

CW Roelle
41 Paine Road
Foster, RI 02825

Dimensional Line Drawings

Ann Rozhon - Paintings & Sculpture
88 Old Quarry Road
Harmony (Glocester), RI 02857

Paintings and figurative sculpture

Ann has been a professional artist for over 25 years. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and has since had both group and solo shows throughout New England. Her work is included in many private and corporate collections in the United States and Canada, and is also represented in the books, "American Artists-An Illustrated Survey of Leading Contemporaries" and "Contemporary American Women Sculptors", as well as having been reviewed many times in The Providence Journal, The Phoenix, The New Paper, and U.R.I. Magazine. It was the subject of two feature articles in the Observer. Ann was commissioned by The Marriot Corporation to create a sculptural frieze for Women and Infants Hospital and has worked restoring architectural sculpture for building facades and as an assistant exhibit designer at Roger Williams Park Zoo.

Earle Thurber
228 Ide Road
North Scituate, RI 02857

Abstract acrylic and mixed media paintings and prints

Earle Thurber's paintings grow from a lifelong fascination with art, psychology, design, and in many ways are an integration of all three areas of interest. Earle's technique is highly process oriented, a discovery process through which he is drawn by color associations, relationships of forms that evolve, and a building sense of complexity of visual interaction. The work is constructed of layers of color and form, "free associations" that are subsequently refined through a more conscious design process. His work is heavily influenced, and frequently totally driven, by music, from a wide range of interest, but especially jazz. Earle frequently thinks of the work as the visual equivalent of jazz improvisation.

Neal T. Walsh
41 Paine Road
Foster RI 02825

Oil paintings and mixed media collages

Using old and salvaged canvas from previous paintings, torn pages from discarded books, debris from the studio floor, oil paint, graphite, ink, dry pigments, and adhesives, Neal Walsh builds his paintings layer by layer. The surfaces are scratched, torn, tattered, sanded, scrapped bare and started again and again upon canvas or wood panels until the accumulation of materials is finally deemed complete. Walsh often uses grids as a foundation for his paintings; with each layer this initial uniformity tends towards entropy, the fixed becomes ever more fluid. In this process of adding and subtracting each layer has an opportunity to play a part but is also altered with the artist's intentionality; hence, Walsh's work echoes nature's familiar patterns of growth and decay, chance and control. The paintings mark the passage of time: they are vessels of memory containing the traces of their past. The paintings explore the space between order and chaos, and the creation of place through memory and experience… The paintings are meditations on our complex relationship with time, history and the construction of consciousness. They strive to capture in painting those poetic fragments that make up the essence of our transitory lives as it unfolds before us.

Walsh is the Gallery Director for the Providence arts organization AS220. Walsh was recently part of the RISD Museum's Locally Made exhibition and has exhibited widely. Walsh recently curated NIGHTVISIONS, a series of experimental site-specific films and performances for the City of Providence, the group exhibition, We Don't Make Mistakes, at the Chazan Gallery and co-curated, with Maya Allison, the exhibition, Among the Breakage: New painting from Providence at the David Winton Bell Gallery.


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